A Moment

in Time!

Welcome to UMPhotos

We want to capture those Unforgettable Moments in time that will last forever. It could be celebrating a pregnancy, welcoming a newborn into the world, kids just being kids, a senior graduating, a couple who has discovered new love, We will help you create Unforgettable Moments that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to capture the personality of our client. We are not one to place you in a stiff pose, but please make suggestions so you can feel comfortable. Most times it is those candid shots that truly reflect the most about a person. We provide a comfortable setting in our studio or at the location of your choice.


Our sessions usually last about a hour. We want this time to be relaxing time for you and your family, often times children feel the need to perform for the camera. You can help by making the day as relaxed as possible. Tell your children how much fun this is going to be. Let them know we will be taking pictures and they will be a "star" for the day!



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